Our History

Since it's inception in October 2000, the driving force behind the development of HN1 has remained constant: to recruit providers to join the HN1 network who offer quality and cost effective health care services. HN1's roots began through the acquisition of a core group of provider networks that were contracted with its affiliate organization, Health System One. At that same time, HN1 also acquired the provider agreements and program description and guidelines from VIVRA/Magellan for eleven (11) of its single specialty networks.

In April 2001, HN1 acquired Eye Management, Inc. (EMI), an 18 year old financially successful Ophthalmology Provider Network from VIVRA/Magellan. EMI remains the oldest practicing physician specialty network in the United States.

In the first quarter of 2002, HN1 acquired all provider agreements and the operations program of Innovative Clinical Solutions, LTD (ISCL) f/k/a Phymatrix, which was comprised of the following specialty networks: Breathco, PCMC, and Urology Consultants of South Florida. Included with this acquisition are 2,800 physician contracts for seven single specialty networks in 27 states and all of ICSL's NCQA approved Operations, Utilization, and Quality Assurance programs. During this same period, HN1 also acquired the contract assets of VitaCare, Inc., a Central Florida IPA model with over 300 physician contracts.

In 2005, HN1 formed American Therapy Administrators of Florida, LLC (ATA-FL), a statewide Florida Therapy (PT/OT/ST) provider network headquartered and operated in Florida that is a joint venture between HN1 and American Therapy Administrators, LLC. As of 2021, ATA-FL has over 3,000 contracted therapists and manages over 1,100,000 covered lives.

As of 2021, HN1 (excluding Therapy Services) manages more than 900,000 members through its various Payor Agreements.

HN1 clients are usually health plans (i.e., HMOs, PPOs, IPAs/MSOs, etc.) and the company has two products that can be offered to prospective clients: Capitated Single Specialty Network Services and Provider Network Access and Development Services.

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