Transforming Managed Care with Customized, End-to-End Specialty Network Solutions

Health Network One is the leader in specialty network management, with expertise in several disciplines, including outpatient therapy, ophthalmology, dermatology, and podiatry. Covering more than 5,000,000 lives, we manage the entire value chain under full risk, and deliver benefits far beyond significant and guaranteed cost savings.

A Category of One

Since 1999 Health Network One has been pioneering approaches to managing provider networks under full risk, that guarantee cost savings for the health plan, high-quality and accessible care for members, and high satisfaction and retention rates for providers. We enable a rare win-win-win that's only possible through our distinctive combination of talent and technology.

With deep expertise in managed care, we are a recognized healthcare leader with more than twenty health plan partnerships. Our specialties include Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy; Dermatology; Vision & Ophthalmology; Podiatry; and Gastroenterology & Urology. In addition, we are NCQA-accredited for UM and Credentialing, as well as HITRUST certified.


What Makes Us Different,
Makes Us Better

We embrace the entirety of the value chain between the health plan and the provider. While they are on opposite ends of the continuum, we serve both with equal care and clarity. This bi-directional commitment is rare; it affords our contracted providers unprecedented, hands-on engagement and rewards our health plan customers with hands-off management and world-class results.

In every specialty, we identify key medical cost drivers and then devise reimbursement methodologies and UM programs to eliminate those drivers while preserving patient access and clinical quality. The upshot is a dramatic and resilient reduction in direct medical costs, and in several specialties, a significant drop in facility costs as well.

To achieve those results, our health plan clients typically delegate to us Utilization Management, Credentialing, Claims, and Network Management. Our specialized teams, our NCQA accreditations, and our internal process - driven by the nuances of each specialty - ensure we are adept at exceeding the high standards we set for ourselves.

And those standards are only achievable with a single technology platform that seamlessly empowers provider self-service, authorizations, claims management, and performance reporting to providers, customers, and regulators. Our systems, and the performance they enable, is anything but off-the-shelf.

We operate several specialty provider networks, including outpatient therapy (PT/OT/ST), ophthalmology, podiatry, and dermatology. While each network is unique, they share common themes, including clinical excellence, broad member access, and alternative reimbursement models for providers - creating alignment with our health plan customers' goals.

In managed care, a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Our approach is deeply valued, because our savings are not theoretical, they're tangible and measurable. More importantly, they're guaranteed, because like our health plan customers, we accept clinical risk. This not-so-simple commitment aligns our goals with our clients', driving us to address the entire value chain to close gaps and leverage efficiencies.

Poised for Growth

Health Network One is a trailblazer, driving guaranteed medical cost savings for many of the leading managed care organizations while maintaining expansive networks. For example, in Florida, one of the nation's most advanced managed care markets, we operate its largest outpatient therapy network as well as its largest dermatology network. In addition, we operate the country's oldest ophthalmology network.

Our growth is owed to deep customer loyalty. More than half our client relationships extend beyond a single market, line of business, or specialty - a clear testimony to the tangible value we deliver year over year. Likewise, our annual provider retention is 95%, supported by an experienced Provider Relations team and our provider-led Medical Advisory Committees in every state we operate.

Join us, as we continue to expand our reach and impact.


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